After Care Tattoos

– Leave bandage on for 1-2 hours

– Remove bandage, wash with soap and water, pat dry.
– Apply a thin layer of polysporin ointment (with clean hands) 2 to 3 times daily for 5-7 days
– Keep tattoo dry and clean (quick showers are ok, no baths, hot tubs, swimming, or saunas for three weeks
– keep tattoo out of the sun and tanning beds for atleast 6 weeks (apply sunscreen to tattoo when exposing to sun after healing)
– Picking scabs is gross and unhygienic, leave your tattoo alone.

After Care Piercings


– Clean with Dragon Mist or Bactine Daily (Do not use salt or saleen products)
– Touch your piercing as little as possible while it is healing
– No swimming, hot tubs, or saunas for 6 weeks


– Rinse with half water and half Listerine or Biotine solution
– After eating rinse with water
– While eating, avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and dairy products
– Always clean thouroughly to reduce risk of possible infection
– No oral sex for 30 days 😉